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“Craftsmanship” is a word that comes up often with Brett. “I try to breathe as much craftsmanship into a building as possible,” he remarks. It’s why he still draws by hand, with a fountain pen. “A well-crafted set of documents is the first step in creating a well-crafted project,” he suggests. “How can I ask builders to be craftsmen if I do not demonstrate that same craft in my work? Quality can be elusive in large, complicated projects, but the commitment, once begun, becomes infectious.” Brett’s interests and education are nothing if not diverse—and it all, he points out, complements his career. His first degree is in marine biology. “I love science and the rigor that such training has brought to my architecture,” he notes. He also spent years studying trumpet. “In many ways, it was the creativity and collaboration of music that helped me choose architecture,” Brett suggests. “I like to think that I bring those passions into my current work.”