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Ask Dayton why he chose architecture and he answers simply, "I love the process of inventing." He started early, too. As a kid, he and some friends took the initiative to build what became a popular BMX park, complete with ramps and connected trails. "The satisfaction of seeing so much enjoyment in that project may have planted the seed for my interest in architecture," he muses. Now Dayton tackles memorable projects like the Lumpkin’s Slave Jail, also known as the "Devil’s Half Acre," interpretive museum in Richmond, Virginia. "It is undoubtedly the most humbling and important project I’ve worked on in my career," Dayton remarks. "A project with this much emotion and historical complexity really highlights the importance of listening, observing, asking questions and doing research to create meaningful and timeless architecture." Dayton is eager to seek out new experiences. After completing a big project, he says, "I jump on a plane and go somewhere I’ve never been and venture to do something I’ve never done."