Diane Syer

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As director of talent management, Diane assists SmithGroup team members in building their skills and advancing their careers and strives for her work to accomplish even more. "I am hopeful that what I do helps all of us appreciate differences, communicate respectfully, learn from one another, and collaborate effectively," she says. "By helping people enhance their self-awareness and interpersonal skills, I’d like to think that their ability to listen, reflect, empathize, resolve conflicts and solve problems will extend far beyond the work environment." Sometimes personal experiences offer a powerful lesson, too. Diane recalls a conference presentation she gave early in her career. "Everything that could go wrong did," she admits. "But we learn from our mistakes. I learned the importance of being prepared and regaining confidence after a disappointment." Now she relates to Elastigirl, a character from The Incredibles. "She’s a mom, and there’s a bit of superhero in every mom."