Diane Syer

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As director of talent management, “attracting, developing and retaining top talent at SmithGroup is my primary responsibility,” Diane says. That can take many forms, from recruiting to onboarding new hires, to leadership development and coaching. “Early in my career I had the opportunity to teach undergraduate classes and I recognized almost immediately that I found tremendous fulfillment in helping others learn, solve problems and think strategically,” she explains. "Enhancing self-awareness, appreciating differences, communicating respectfully, learning from one another and working together more effectively is the goal, and I’d like to think that the ability to listen, reflect, empathize and resolve conflicts will extend far beyond the work environment and into our communities." Diane’s love of learning is a constant thread in her life, and she is often found reading a good book, researching new plants for her garden or taking a class. “I love to learn, so I consider it a gift that I am able to foster continuous learning, growth and development every day at SmithGroup."