Hal Davis

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  • Washington, DC
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It seems the world is full of places where Hal has left his mark. This includes internationally-recognizable work for cultural institutions like the Smithsonian where he was a Principal on the National Museum of the American Indian and the National Museum of African American History and Culture – both located in the heart of the National Mall. He also brings experience in high-level, large-scale projects like: NATO Headquarters in Belgium. A new embassy master plan in Brazil. A university in Korea. And dozens of projects in the United States. Many are National Historic Landmarks, one of Hal's specialties as an architect. Hal also serves an important role as mentor and leader. "I tell people we're willing to give them as much rope as they are willing to take, but we'll grab them before they hang themselves," he explains. As for his own start, "I always had a fascination for buildings," he recalls. "As a kid, I built model cities out of scraps in my grandfather's garage shop, with painted landscapes, roads and buildings." For a man who knows monuments, which one stands out for him? "The Great Pyramid in Giza," he says, "for its pure simplicity of form, geometric grandeur and feat of engineering."