Kent Hetherwick

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  • San Francisco, CA
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For Kent, the expression "Think Globally, Act Locally" comes to mind regarding his work in healthcare. "Healthcare buildings provide life-saving medical procedures, preventative care and education, and comfort and palliative care. I help create healthy places for practitioners, patients and the community. The connection of my work to many thousands of lives is very exciting." Kent started his schooling studying engineering, like three uncles before him. Yet what "seemed like the family tradition" wasn’t the right fit for Kent. He changed majors a few times before discovering architecture. "Then the choice was right before my eyes," he recalls. "I was keenly interested in what I was doing and excelling at it." To relax, Kent enjoys running and classic films from Hitchcock and Huston. Lately he spends more time watching Pixar movies like A Bug’s Life and Toy Story. "They’re artfully framed, full of suspense and something I don’t have to wait to enjoy until the kids have gone to bed."