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Robert (Bob) Bull values a design approach that advocates for solutions breaking new ground, eliminating barriers and revealing unforeseen opportunities. As director of the firm's East Region he seeks to inspire the same mindset in the offices' diverse and deeply experienced workforce with a flexible, attentive and nuanced approach to leadership. "A wide range of backgrounds, skills and perspectives ensures our office culture is well-grounded, while providing a diverse and supportive environment." Bob's own path into architecture benefitted from a similar culture of mentorship. After being encouraged to pursue his early interest in design, he found success and inspiration in extracurricular high school projects that broadened and deepened his perception of the built environment, leading to his decision to study architecture at the University of Cincinnati. Outside the office, Bob's time is spent on culturally-immersive and outdoor activities with his family. "As the father of three daughters, my downtime is preoccupied with keeping up with each of them as they mature into young adults."