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Boston University (BU) embarked on an in depth Applied Strategic Planning process (ASP) to set a new direction for the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM). It became clear during the ASP, that the Boston University dental education facilities were not capable of meeting current or future needs of the University.  Dental facilities were sprawled out across the Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC) and clinical space was insufficient. 


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150,000 gsf / 13,935 m2 and approximately 500,000 gsf conditions assessment

BU engaged SmithGroup to participate in a facility master plan process running concurrent to the overall planning course to address the program’s spatial needs. The alignment of the facilities master plan to the strategic planning process ultimately allowed the University to think beyond the walls of their existing dental education facilities and re-conceptualize a new paradigm for dental education at BU. Following nearly 6 years of scenario exploration on the BU medical campus, design moved forward for a project to renovate 63,000 gsf and expand the existing GSDM facility by 48,000 gsf.

As the first dental school in the U.S. to transition to a seamless, fully integrated digital platform, the GSDM was in need of clinical facilities which support this progressive direction. Working closely with GSDM leadership and equipment partners, SmithGroup has designed the transformation of the clinical environment to reflect the integration of state of the art technology as well as the group practice model that has been recently implemented by the School. The overarching goal is to create a patient-centered clinic environment including ergonomic operatory design, appropriate patient services, increased clinic support space for increased efficiency and lastly, a new, prominent entrance on Albany Street that is dedicated to patients.


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In addition to the transformation of the patient experience, the scope of the project includes the creation of new dedicated learning environments for students. A new academic entrance from the medical campus will lead to student collaborative space for informal learning and social gathering. A flexible, 140 -seat lecture hall will provide a venue for the School’s larger classes, as well as events and symposia. Additionally, the Simulation Learning Center will be integrated within the facility from its current location offsite. This new academic space will create an ecosystem of spaces which can truly reflect the strong sense of identity that already exists within the GSDM community.

The final design solution is strong architectural statement that reflects the mission and vision of Boston University and the Goldman School of Dental Medicine. The project will be implemented in multiple phases, while clinical operations continue, and is expected to be complete by 2020.