Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center

Rancho Los Amigos Outpatient Entry Dusk SmithGroup
Rancho Los Amigos Campus Exterior SmithGroup
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Rancho Los Amigos Outpatient Waiting SmithGroup
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Rancho Los Amigos National Rehab Center
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Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation SmithGroup

One of the premier spinal cord and neural rehabilitation and treatment centers in the country was being hindered by an inefficient layout of multiple single-story buildings spread over a large campus. In addition to a new community wellness center and modernized acute and outpatient facilities, the campus is being transformed into expansive dual-purpose outdoor rooms that double as rehabilitation spaces, featuring healing gardens and terraces, large plazas, and amphitheaters where there used to be old buildings or concrete parking lots.


Los Angeles County, Department of Health Services


Downey, CA


Healthcare, Medical Planning, Architecture, Health & Wellness, Interiors


209,250 SF

Featured Awards

Los Angeles Business Journal, Commercial Real Estate Gold Award, 2018

Southern California Development Forum (SCDF), Best Healthcare Project, 2017

USGBC- Los Angeles, Sustainable Innovation Award, Health & Wellbeing Merit, 2017

USGBC- Los Angeles, Sustainable Innovation Award, Social Equity Merit, 2017


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AIA Pasadena & Foothill Design Awards - Citation Award - Institutional/Education, 2017

AIA Pasadena & Foothill Design Awards - Sustainability Award, 2017

Los Angeles Business Council, Los Angeles Architectural Awards, Under Construction Category Winner, 2016

Contract, Healthcare Environment Awards, Conceptual Design Honorable Mention, 2015

Treating patients with spinal cord and nervous system injuries is one of the most delicate specializations in the entire medical field. To best serve patients who are recovering from life-changing illness or injuries, the surgery, rehabilitation, and recovery process must be holistic and focused. This is a theme that Los Angeles-based Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center kept at the forefront when assessing its operational capabilities and need to expand.

Originally consisting of detached single-story buildings with aging infrastructure, Rancho Los Amigos looked to SmithGroup, in collaboration with Taylor Design, to evaluate the patient rehab process and to develop a new master plan with recovery as the main priority. The new campus celebrates the Southern California climate and sustainable mindset using outdoor spaces for programming and rehabilitation while also reducing the overall size of the facility’s footprint by integrating scattered clinical functions under one roof.

Rancho Los Amigos Outdoor Courtyard SmithGroup

This is an incredible project. This organization started back in the 1800s. And just the fact that it survived that long and is still innovating and not locked in to something ancient—and for a population so needy and so deserving of such an incredible facility—it’s really amazing.

Lois Arkin
USGBC, LA Sustainability Innovation Award Juror (founder of the non-profit CRSP (Cooperative Resources & Services Project) Institute for Urban Ecovillages // co-founder of the Los Angeles Eco-Village)

Rancho Los Amigos Artwork SmithGroup

The ten-foot, linticular mandala placed in the Don Knabe Wellness Center, one of five art pieces by the de la Torre Brothers installed throughout the complex, depicts the tree of life: a universal symbol of growth, shelter and complex systems, meant to reflect the physical rebuilding work done at Rancho. 

Packaged in a sleek, highly refined exterior design and capped with an iconic tower, the new Rancho Los Amigos campus signals to patients and staff a cutting-edge wellness center. From intervention to rest and recovery, then rehab, and finally, reintegration, every part of the process was studied to ensure the most efficient and dignified spaces for patient care. With healing as the number one focus, the new and improved Rancho Los Amigos is setting a new standard for neurological medicine and treatment.  

SmithGroup has sought to understand the needs of our operations and the population we serve. They have expertly integrated feedback and have exceeded expectations in all aspects of design.

Jorge Orozco
PT, Chief Executive Officer, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center