Union Tempe

Tempe Union SmithGroup Mixed-Use Architecture
Tempe Union SmithGroup Architecture
Tempe Mixed-Use Architecture
tempe Union SmithGroup Mixed-Use Architecture
Tempe Mixed-Use Architecture
Tempe SmithGroup Mixed-Use Architecture

Minnesota-based design-build firm, Opus Group, engaged SmithGroup to provide contextual master planning and design services for a new high rise mixed-use tower near the Arizona State University campus in Tempe. The Union Tempe development provides much needed new housing while also activating a section of Tempe that previously only served as vehicle parking.




Tempe, Arizona


Mixed-Use, Residential, Retail & Entertainment


1,000,000 SF

The rental landscape across the nation continues to push further into a luxury and amenity-focused territory that was previously only seen in condo and hotel projects. As the apartment market grows more competitive, newer developments need to speak directly to their audience by offering all the latest perks that drive new leases.


Tempe Union SmithGroup Mixed-Use Architecture

Union Tempe includes luxury rental apartments paired with retail and other public amenities.


Housing near universities has also changed—no longer are students relegated to cramped dormitories and substandard amenities. Today’s students are just as likely to desire convenience and luxury as working professionals; developers and architects are adapting to meet these evolving requirements.


SmithGroup Tempe Union Mixed-Use

SmithGroup's master plan and design services for the new 407-unit apartment utilizes the design team's knowledge of the local cultural environment and Sonoran desert climate, creating a contextual design that will meet the needs of current and future residents. Passive design strategies included appropriate building orientation and selection of materials. 


Acting as a catalyst for new development in downtown Tempe, the new mixed use tower provides luxury rental apartments paired with retail and public amenities such as a rooftop deck and on what was previously a surface parking lot spanning a city block.