David Lang

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David is intrigued by the idea of the “student citizen,” a concept he sees as a step beyond higher education’s commitment to student success. “If we consider our children and students not for what they are studying but who they will become, it changes the dynamic of teacher-learner and strengthens a foundation of respect,” he suggests. David’s own education—earning a Bachelor of Science degree in both molecular biology and philosophy, followed by a master’s in architecture—led first to a career as a molecular biologist, working at the first human genome center that sequenced DNA accurately and at scale. Now working in learning environments, he considers himself “a design thinker,” influenced by his many interests. “The reason I love what I do is the impact each influence has on how to think creatively and drive innovation cooperatively,” he explains. And whether the final creation is a painting, a poem or a building, David adds, “they are vehicles for elevating shared thought and discourse.”