John Harriman

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  • Washington, DC
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John remembers spending many hours as a child taking things apart and putting them back together, from clocks, radios to appliances and cars. "I wanted to see and understand how everything worked," he explains. Growing up in Southeast Asia just piqued that curiosity even more. "In one country, a bicycle was used to push passengers, while in another, it was used to pull passengers. Constantly seeing the different ways countries solved similar problems taught me to keep looking at a problem until I developed more than one solution." It’s a lesson that serves him well in his career, collaborating with clients and design teams. "As a professional engineer, I spend my work hours developing solutions after reviewing and analyzing situations," notes John. "We reinvent the status quo." On a personal note, John relishes travel, and has a favorite book to help pass time on those long international flights: Shogun, the James Clavell epic about feudal Japan.