Our Values and Culture

Our values are at the core of who we are. They drive how we work with our clients, the way we interact with our communities and they reflect the type of people we want as part of our culture. 


About Us SmithGroup



PASSION: Our uniting passion for design excellence drives us to solve complex, meaningful problems for our clients.

SUSTAINABILITY: We design to create a healthy and prosperous future for our clients and communities. As stewards of future generations, our work seeks to balance the needs of a thriving society, economy, and environment. Learn more about sustainability at SmithGroup.

EQUITY: We believe in creating a design culture grounded in empathy, dignity and excellence. We strive to minimize barriers in how we work and live to maximize our collective potential for success. Learn more about equity, diversity and inclusion at SmithGroup

COMMUNITY: We are leaders where we live and work.  We share our energy, our time, and our knowledge to advance our clients and professions.

CURIOSITY: Our eyes and minds are always open.  We relentlessly explore, test and learn in order to innovate and solve the emerging challenges of our clients and our world. 

INTEGRITY: Trust is the foundation of all great design solutions.  The only way to serve our clients and one another is with bedrock integrity.