Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Often used interchangeably, equity, diversity and inclusion are not synonyms. Each has a different meaning, and each plays a unique yet interrelated role in shaping our design culture and outcomes for a better future together.

At SmithGroup, we recognize the difference and untapped potential of equity as a framework to foster leadership in these topics, strengthen workplace culture, prioritize talent development and retention, build deeper community connections and elevate design excellence as a direct outcome.

JEDI Committee SmithGroup
JEDI COmmittee SmithGroup


The individuals on our committee have a record of passion, action and a commitment to the goal of ending systemic racism and injustice. This diverse group of staff members represents a wide range of experiences, both personally and professionally. With this committee we can create a more equitable future for our firm.

SmithGroup Equity Diversity and Inclusion Program

It takes time, resources and courage to create a culture that understands the holistic impact equity, diversity and inclusion have in raising the value of our collective work. The SmithGroup EDI program is helping us engage in deeper and more meaningful conversations, initiatives and actions that minimize barriers, foster deeper understanding and promote the values we want to see present in our industry.

We have not yet achieved our fullest potential to establish the work environment that we’ve long envisioned—one that truly positions people of all disciplines and backgrounds to succeed and allows varied, mission-advancing perspectives to be recognized and valued.


Eugene Green SmithGroup EDI

SmithGroup Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program

The SmithGroup Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program directly addresses barriers to success for future professionals. The application-based program honors SmithGroup interns from underrepresented demographic groups with tuition assistance and contribute to the advancement of their education and the profession.