Sustainable Design

Our mission at SmithGroup is to create a legacy of inspiring places that enhance the environment and enrich the human spirit. We deliver sustainable solutions to create a healthy and prosperous future for our clients and communities, balancing the needs of a thriving society, economy and environment. In fact, we view this as more than a mission: Designing for the overall health of people is a fundamental responsibility of our profession. 

Brock Environmental Center SmithGroup

Brock Environmental Center

Sustainable design is at the core of what we do. Our designers look for every opportunity to incorporate sustainable design principles into every project. SmithGroup is notable for its many award-winning green designs that showcase integrated, cutting-edge systems. Numerous projects have achieved the highest levels of sustainable design, achieving LEED Platinum, net-zero, living building, regenerative design, and resilient futures.

 With our multidisciplinary expertise and integrative design process, SmithGroup teams collaborate with clients to identify innovative solutions, seeking synergies that can accomplish multiple goals. Using an iterative approach, we test and refine ideas to optimize performance, considering both initial costs and the subsequent operational cost savings. We also practice what we preach, reducing the overall footprint within our own organization by continually re-evaluating and improving our internal operations, education, work environment and processes.

Energy Systems Integreation Facility SmithGroup

Energy Systems Integration Facility - U.S. Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Chandler City Hall SmithGroup

Chandler City Hall

Blue Heron Lagoon Habitat Restoration SmithGroup

Blue Heron Lagoon Habitat Restoration SmithGroup

DC Water Headquarters

DC Water Headquarters