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Whether at home or in the office, Alison believes practicing empathy is crucial in establishing perspective. "As a parent/caregiver of a child with significant health and cognitive issues, I have a direct understanding of the impact healthcare spaces can have on a patient and their family." A relentless advocate for enhancing the patient experience, Alison strives to create spaces that connect to the people that inhabit them on a personal level. "My favorite part of the design process is sitting down with the doctors, nurses and patient advocates," states Alison. "These are the people at the front line and their diverse perspectives create the conditions for impactful solutions to emerge." Alison’s breadth of work spans from inpatient care settings to outpatient specialties including ambulatory care centers, cancer treatment centers and women’s services. She serves as a mentor to the Boston staff and has contributed her expertise as a presenter at Healthcare Facilities, Gravens, Healthcare Design, and other national conferences. Alison’s favorite words of wisdom? "Walk in the shoes of the people for whom you design."