Carl Christiansen

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As the former leader of the San Francisco Healthcare Architecture Studio for a nearly a decade, Carl has led many of the firm’s largest and most technically complex healthcare projects. His body of work crosses a variety of scales and healthcare types including a specialty hospital and research complex in New Delhi, India, to leading the template hospital program for Kaiser Permanente, creating design and construction concepts that can be replicated throughout the growing Kaiser network. "It involved synthesizing and understanding the healthcare system’s needs and goals," Carl explained about the Kaiser program. "We came up with a solution to a complex set of issues that will also provide a healing environment." The project exemplifies what Carl enjoys about his career. Where he once thought architecture "was just about creating buildings," he says, "I soon learned it was about creating a great design that not only functions as intended, but also lifts the human spirit and leaves a sense of place."  Carl’s passion is creating solutions to complex and challenging needs, participating in the entire spectrum of a project’s life, equally comfortable at every stage as both a leader and contributor.  He thrives on developing new relationships and creating great projects together with his clients.  One goal on his bucket list in life is traveling the United States to explore and discover parts unknown.