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For clients with a particularly thorny problem to solve, Channing is happy to be their guy. His favorite types of projects are “the complicated and difficult ones that other people try to avoid. It’s how you gain a client’s trust and respect,” he notes. Channing says his team takes on clients’ challenges by thinking of those challenges “as ‘our’ problem, not ‘their’ problem. With collaboration and communication, we keep clients informed and in front of issues. No one likes surprises.” Speaking of surprises, Channing’s choice for time travel would definitely be forward, not back. “I would want to go into the future to see what changes in my life and investments I need to make now,” he muses. “I would be afraid to go backward in time for fear of making changes that negatively impact the world or my friends and family.” Thankfully, real-world travel is less fraught with consequence. Channing would opt for a trip to Scotland, where he’d ramble through the countryside and enjoy the people.