Matt Davis

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  • San Francisco, CA
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Matt dives deep into the industry’s big-picture challenges, namely improving the efficiency of resources and talent in the current method of building. To that end, he’s involved in the emerging Lean Construction movement, Target Value Design and Integrated Project Delivery. While the discussion can quickly swirl into an alphabet soup of terms and acronyms, "These processes are tools that will allow us to bring out the most opportunity in every project we work on." Matt explains. The idea is to make the most of "the ideas and the talents of many participants. My hope is this will lead to pride and respect for what it takes to do truly great work." Matt happily throws one more acronym into the discussion, radio station KCRW out of Los Angeles. Its eclectic mix suits him, whether relaxing on his deck watching the sunset over the Golden Gate or working with his hands. "I’m a certified tinkerer," he confesses, currently rebuilding a Subaru motor and crushing on his new torque wrench.