Electric & Gas Utility Regional Office

SmithGroup Electric & Gas Utility Regional Office
SmithGroup Electric & Gas Utility Regional Office
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SmithGroup Electric & Gas Utility Regional Office
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SmithGroup Electric & Gas Utility Regional Office

Energy providers play a pivotal role in the Golden State’s strength but face the daily challenge of meeting the electricity and gas demands of new businesses and residents. Our team designed a building that would take an electric and gas utility's customer service to the next level.


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If California was its own country, the state would be the world’s fifth largest economy, making the task of providing energy to California’s robust businesses and ever-growing population crucial to the state’s continued success. This electric and gas utility provider wanted to create a new office for its customer service team that would facilitate a better work environment and enhance customer service at the company.

To better meet the needs of its customers, the organization needed to consolidate its customer service and training operations under one roof—in a newer, cutting-edge facility which would reflect the company’s role in a state that is known for introducing the latest technology to the world. Working together with SmithGroup, the company developed a new 138,000-square-foot facility which would not only feature the latest technologies and energy efficiency standards, but one that would inspire staff and set a new workplace standard for the industry.


SmithGroup Electric & Gas Utility Regional Office

Spaces with mock meters serve as hands-on training tools. 

The result is a vibrant, colorful two-story complex that features various training and customer service quadrants, as well as an open cafeteria, inviting break rooms, and a relaxing outdoor space for staff. In line with its role and reputation as a leader in meeting California’s energy demands, the new facility also boasts a solar panel array which provides Zero Net Energy (ZNE) performance, supplying 100% of the building’s power. The new office also features a full mockup of a ZNE residential home, complete with mechanicals and meters to serve as a hands-on training tool. 

With room for 700 employees and the latest training tools, the new outpost is not only a key to the company’s continued growth, but also one that will continue to help support and power California’s dynamic economy.