Taiping Financial Tower

Taiping Aerial Workplace China
Taiping Street Level Workplace
Taiping Financial Center Aerial Workplace China
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The Taiping Financial Tower, nestled within the business district of Hangzhou, stands in good company among other notable high-rise buildings.


China Taiping Insurance Group


Hangzhou, China


Architecture, Commercial Office Buildings, Corporate Headquarters & Campuses, Workplace


1,614,586 SF / 150,000 SM

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International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Southwest Chapter - Award of Merit, 2020

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The new building is composed of four high-rise towers that form a two-story glass lobby space, through which the street and inner gardens are connected. The second-floor podium features a restaurant accessible.  The podium roof includes an outdoor sky garden with space for outdoor dining.


Taiping Street Level Workplace


SmithGroup took careful consideration of these adjacent buildings to ensure that the new Taiping building displays its own character in the landscape. Public green space is planned around the site with the largest public park located on the northwest side of the site. Most of the ground floor space around the site is open to the public. There are large shopping malls in the northeast side, and the remaining adjacent blocks have street-level mixed-use retail.


Taiping Financial center
Taiping Financial Center Exterior Street level
Taiping Financial Center Aerial Workplace
Taiping Financial Center workplace