Cheryl Brown

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  • Washington, DC
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Cheryl certainly isn’t one to shy away from change. She’s drawn to exotic locales like Morocco ("It is a feast for the eyes: architecture, color, adventure, the souks, the magnificent mosques and so much more!" she exclaims) and eras of upheaval like the 1960s. "The ‘60s was a great time of change in history, music, art and politics. Nothing more satisfying," she says. In her career, "I love the beginning of a new project—getting to know the client, working as a team to design and solve the client’s issues and needs, and then, of course, seeing the result." She refers to herself as a "SmithGroup cheerleader" outside the office, promoting design, the firm and its leaders. After hours, Cheryl enjoys time in her garden or perhaps kicking back with a good novel. She recommends All The Light We Cannot See about "strength and perseverance to cope with adversity," she explains. "I did not want that book to end."