Rodrigo Manriquez

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  • Detroit, MI
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Rodrigo discovered his career niche while obtaining his degree in architectural engineering. The revelation came when he attended a lecture by a professional lighting designer. "I immediately connected with the industry and its potential," he recalls, attracted by the way lighting design can evoke emotion, almost subliminally affecting the public's perception of space. "Lighting allows me to clarify the way in which we perceive spaces aesthetically, simplify the way we think about sustainability, and guide the conversation about the awareness of new technology on behalf of our clients," he says. Rodrigo's creative spirit also is drawn to poetry. "Growing up in Chile, it was spoon-fed to us in school. I have used it to reinterpret common challenges and frame design approaches." Had his life taken a different path, "I would be running a small bohemian coffee house alongside my wife in the artisan town of Bellavista," he says, "a town that captures the cultural and creative arts in my hometown of Santiago."