Cristina Bump

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Cristina professes a deep interest in the intersection of artificial intelligence and data science with the process of architecture. “As architects, we need to use the tools the world has given us,” she suggests. “By using data science and machine learning in our everyday work, we can automate repetitive tasks and allow more time for curated design.” That means more time well-spent with a cohesive integrated design team. “I understand the strength of a united team,” says Cristina. “As designers of higher education buildings, we are each other’s allies. I excel at bringing the needed pieces together to create spaces people really want to inhabit.” Cristina attributes some of her people skills to her upbringing in Spain, where she lived until she was 12. “I learned English and Spanish at the same time,” she explains. “This cross-cultural advantage has given me a leg up in many facets of my life.”