SmithGroup at 2019 Healthcare Design Expo + Conference

Join SmithGroup thought leaders at the following sessions at the 2019 Healthcare Design Expo + Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 2-5, 2019.  Register through the conference website to attend.

Sunday, November 3 | 10:45 - 11:45 AM CT
E14 | A Study of Two Systems: Does One Model Fit All?
Chee Keong Lin
A case study of Adventist Health Sonora and NorthBay Healthcare's application of the same team-based, off-stage clinic model, featuring a centralized integrated work area flanked by two-sided exam rooms. Presented with Adventist president Michelle Fuentes and NorthBay's director of real estate Chris Matthews, this session will review the findings from post-occupancy evaluations at these two community-based health systems.

Sunday, November 3 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM CT
E35 | Creating an Outpatient Care System Through Templated Design
Lou Posada and Matthew Reiskin
Discover how templated design enabled the rapid development of a new, nationwide system of satellite rehabilitation care centers. Based on the flagship National Intrepid Center of Excellence, the satellites share core mission protocols and conduct synchronized multi-site research, while iterative physical design improvements help support the rapidly evolving model of TBI care and rehabilitation. Presented with Captain Walter Greenhalgh of the United States Navy Medical Corps.

Tuesday, November 5 | 2:30 - 3:30 PM CT
I19 | Global Delivery, Local Impact: Defining a New Healthcare Brand in the Middle East
Chee Keong Lin, Alison Faecher and Vera Van Middlesworth
Learn how a globally dispersed design team conceptualized and built a 700,000 square meter (7.5 million square foot) healthcare development in Kuwait's Jahra District in just three years. The team, including Tarek Shuaib and Mohamad Ghaddar of PACE Architecture Engineering + Planning, will share the experience of creating a world-class patient experience and strong brand identity for this Gulf Coast health city.

Also participating in the conference are SmithGroup's Holly Harris, winner of a Herman Miller Scholarship, and Stephen Parker, honored as one of Healthcare Design Magazine's 2019 Rising Stars.