Andrea Reynolds

  • Andrea Reynolds SmithGroup Structural Engineer Detroit
  • Detroit, MI
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As SmithGroup's director of structural engineering, Andrea oversees the structural design of concrete, steel, wood, masonry and cold-formed metal structures for a diverse mix of clients. Her work encompasses multiple markets-sports stadia, military installations, research centers-and also spans the globe. Not only does Andrea possess extensive experience with extreme loading scenarios, including hurricane, high seismic, tornado and blast, she also sits on the Structural Engineering Exam Committee (responsible for writing the profession's licensing exam), and is a sought-after speaker. Surprisingly, Andrea once debated between engineering and arts school. "I apply my creativity to my work in various ways—how I approach an engineering challenge, and most importantly, develop structural solutions that can affect the design and appearance of a building," she notes. Both the artist and the engineer are intrigued by ancient wonders like the Taj Mahal: "I marvel at how these structures were designed and constructed without all the modern codes and conveniences," she says.