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Growing up in a family of artists and architects, Naomi displayed an early affinity for architecture. An early diagnosis of juvenile diabetes had a compelling influence, too. Hospitalization at age six “was scary, isolating and transformative,” Naomi recalls. “The hospital staff went above and beyond to cheer me up, with gauze jump ropes and medical tape hopscotch. Medical staff hold a very special place in my heart.” Today Naomi specializes in healthcare architecture. “Every project opens my eyes to the struggles and achievements of others,” she says. “To be able to improve patient outcomes and support the human spirit by designing environments for nurses and physicians to do their best work, and for caregivers and patients to feel comfortable and loved, is fulfilling in so many ways.” When she takes a break from the tech savvy world of a medical center, Naomi finds relaxation in biking around town with her two kids, serving on the Board of Women in Healthcare and playing with antique machines and old cars. “I love anything with cogs and gears,” she notes, and is currently restoring a 1966 Ford Mustang.