Bringing Flex-y Back: 5 Factors Re-Shaping the Future of [Flexible] Work

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Following a year of disruption and uncertainty, Americans are re-emerging on the normal-ish side of the COVID-19 pandemic. With access to vaccines becoming more widespread, businesses will soon see employees returning to the office. Though the future of work continues to evolve, two things are certain:

  • Employees remain staunchly concerned with personal health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Employees also want the flexibility and remote work opportunities put in place during the pandemic to continuein some capacityinto the future.

As leaders in workplace strategy and design, SmithGroup’s team of nationally recognized Workplace experts have identified 5 Factors Re-Shaping the Future of [Flexible] Work. In a series of Perspectives posts, our office design leaders explore these issues and offer solutions to help organizations support employees varying needs and desires in the post-pandemic office space. Discussions will focus on:

If this conversation resonates with you, please contact amy.warden [at] (Amy Warden), Workplace Corporate Practice Manager, to further discuss how SmithGroup can help you to plan for a safe return to the office.