The workplace is a valuable strategic asset—a tool that helps attract and retain talent, fosters engagement, sparks innovation, and advances an organization’s goals. We work in partnership with our clients to understand the values and culture that make them unique and develop design strategies that support their mission, vision and operational needs. The resulting environments are inclusive, flexible spaces that promote connectivity, productivity and efficiency, and serve as a catalyst for success in an ever-evolving world.




LinkedIn employees walked beneath the wrought iron canopy into one of the most stunning projects my Global Workplace Services team has delivered, and now a personal favorite of my 30-year career. The attention to detail and flood of natural light in every space is mesmerizing.  SmithGroup’s design team successfully tied the new to the old—enabling people to feel a tangible connection to the transformation of Detroit. I hope everyone who visits us has the same sense of pride and promise that I do.

James Morgensen
Vice President of Workplace, LinkedIn


The New Era of Work                      for People & Planet

There is no mistaking that the world has changed. The way we live and work is evolving. On a global scale, we see the implications of our unchecked footprint on the planet. We are pushing the boundaries of what our planet can handle environmentally. These indicators bring a new appreciation of the impacts our workplaces have on the planet, but also on the individual’s experience, health, and wellbeing within the new workplace ecosystem.

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Exploring the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Uncertainty within the commercial real estate market is creating great opportunities to change how we envision, design, utilize and position the workplace of the future. SmithGroup designers partnered with office developers, real estate leaders and facility and operations managers to explore the most critical challenges impacting the CRE market and brainstorm opportunities to transcend these hurdles. 




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