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AmeniTrees SmithGroup

The San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW) held a design competition calling for the conceptualization of industrial art that would double as toilets. SmithGroup's AmeniTREES entry of both toilets and kiosks with a green-tech vibe won the competition with a design looking to change how the public utilizes these amenities, while reflecting the city's character and identity .  


San Francisco Department of Public Works


San Francisco, California


Sustainable Design, Urban Design, Urban Parks & Public Spaces

Simplicity in its Kit of Parts

The AmeniTREES are designed as a kit of parts for ease in buildability and maintenance. The pavilions’ unique sculptural shape displays a sense of complexity, yet, the kit of parts assembly is simple having been composed of repeated and rotated panels.


This concept limits the number of exterior panel variations providing cost saving opportunities. In addition, the advertising kiosks inner shell is a flat base with a bent surface for static or digital advertising. The exterior shell for the structure consists of a glass and metal skin to give the iconic pavilion shape while protecting the technology within from both the elements and curious visitors. 

amenitrees SmithGroup

The AmeniTREES design provides a set of options allowing for the structures to physically adjust to climate and contextual conditions of San Francisco. The ToileTREES forms come in four transformational variations: a simple single or double unit bathroom pavilion, double bench pavilion, street level tree with bench pavilion and raised tree-topped pavilion.


Variations for a City of Unique Neighborhoods

New structures are iconic in their design and adaptability – transforming to varied site needs. Developing these design alternatives, along with the incorporation of varied native grasses and trees, allow for a cohesive collection of pavilions that are as varied as San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

Kiosk AmeniTrees

The retail kiosk, when open, reveals vibrant colored interiors adapting to specific context.


A Water Story

The pavilion design tells a story of sustainability and conservation, an intentional narrative that is very much of San Francisco. The many variations of the pavilion design creates an opportunity for water collection, treatment and reuse.

AmeniTrees Water

A water re-use process carefully engineered for minimal maintenance and maximum longevity. 

The kiosks can be engineered to collect rainwater, when it rains, and runoff to wash the units, water the vegetation or flush toilets. Each of these features work together to minimize reliance on the city’s potable water – an important feature for water-conscious San Franciscans.

Kiosk Water

The kiosks tell the water story through featured native and low-maintenance vegetation familiar to San Francisco’s micro-climates, reducing maintenance of the green roofs and trees.