Jeff Gerwing

  • Jeff Gerwing SmithGroup Detroit Director of Operations
  • Detroit, MI
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Jeff serves as Midwest Region Practice Director, and co-founded the firm’s lighting design group, creating a specialty service that has made an award-winning mark on projects throughout the nation.  His operations position has allowed him to impact the firm more broadly. “With my role in operations and leadership on firmwide initiatives, I interface with many people in the organization on a daily basis and have the opportunity to direct where we are going.” Jeff uses his role to advance the firm’s mission, which aligns with his own. “I strive for excellence and innovation. I want to see us compete at the highest levels to lead the industry. I really enjoy working with many other talented and passionate staff across our offices who are working to move the firm forward.” Had he not chosen a design career path Jeff would likely be on an archaeological dig somewhere. “I’ve always been fascinated with ancient cultures, especially those that achieved great architectural or engineering feats with the limited technology of their time."