Joshua Hendershot

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In healthcare design, suggests Joshua, “Every project is an opportunity to better the human condition. The designs and decisions we make at the table have significant impacts on those around us. Every time I visit a hospital, I look for ways to improve the patient, family and caregiver experience.” It’s one of the reasons he was drawn to healthcare. “I view architects as one of the basic public servants that help bind our communities. Our entire reason of existence is to provide space for people to eat, sleep, heal physically, mentally, spiritually and to learn. It takes a special kind of person to give of themselves to better others,” he notes. Joshua has a penchant for puzzles, and yes, sees the correlation to his career. “I’m a sudoku and crossword guy, the more complicated the better,” he remarks. “Enter healthcare planning and architecture—one of the most complicated architypes.” His passion and curiosity for design goes beyond his work. “I would love to spend an entire week uninterrupted in my woodshop to scratch the continuing itch of designing and building.”