Science & Technology

Advancements in science occur thanks to those who aren’t satisfied with state-of-the-art, who continually seek better solutions and push discovery forward. We design research facilities the same way. Inspired by our clients and guided by our experience, SmithGroup elevates the research environment with unparalleled technical skill and aesthetic. We create designs that lean further into the future, addressing today’s complex needs and to enable even greater innovation tomorrow. We’re eager to forge ahead with you, to explore the limits of science and technology.

SmithGroup Chu Hall

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Chu Hall Solar Energy Research Center

Across a global network of offices, SmithGroup’s Science & Technology team brings nearly a century of experience in academic research, corporate R&D, government research, forensics, healthcare research, mission critical, research parks and innovation district design. Our expertise in mission critical design accommodates scale and rapid deployment, understands true project need, and brings tools that drive solutions. We’re privileged to partner with many of the nation’s leading research institutions in academia, government and the private sector, designing a broad range of projects from National Renewable Energy Laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy, to emerging technologies, and everything in between. We’ll bring the same cool confidence to your endeavor to navigate the process.