For decades, the workplace has been viewed as an operational cost of doing business. Now we recognize that it can be so much more. At SmithGroup, we view the business environment as a valuable strategic asset—a tool that fosters and supports the organization’s goals and propels it forward. By understanding how our clients work and the core values that make them unique, we develop design strategies that support those values. The resulting environments are productive, flexible, stimulating, and a catalyst for success in a changing world.


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I spent the last few hours accepting the thanks and gratitude of my employees for giving them a beautiful place to work, a place filled with light, space, amenities, and technology. That thanks belongs to SmithGroup, your team made this building come true.

Richard B. Duchossois
Chairman, The Duchossois Group, Chamberlain Group Headquarters



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A Holistic Approach for Returning to the Office After COVID-19

There is much to consider when deciding when and how to invite employees to return to their offices following the COVID-19 pandemic. Though timing and specifics of reintegration plans will vary based upon geography and the unique needs of one’s company, organizations must look holistically at how return to work decisions will impact productivity, efficiency, engagement, culture, collaboration, connectivity, and more. They must also consider the range of emotions that employees will be feeling regarding this experience.

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